10+ Groundhog Day Picture Books

Groundhog Day is a special day in the year when the famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil comes out of his burrow and predict the weather for…

Groundhog Day is a special day in the year when the famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil comes out of his burrow and predict the weather for the rest of the winter. It’s also a great opportunity to read and share the many great picture books that celebrate this fun holiday. Below are my favorite 10+ Groundhog Day picture books that will teach little readers more about groundhogs and the holiday and get them excited to cheer for Punxsutawney Phil.

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1. GROUNDHOG GETS A SAY by Pamela Curtis Swallow & Illustrated by Denise Bunkus- Every year Groundhog is taken from his burrow as part of the holiday, but he never gets a chance to have a say. This year, he’s taking matters into his own hands or paws to tell people all about him and he has a lot to say. Read to find out fun facts about groundhogs and everything that he has to say.

2. GROUNDHUG DAY by Anne Marie Pace & Illustrated by Christopher Denise- Groundhog’s friends are planning a fun Valentine’s Day party, but he sees his shadow and needs to go back to his burrow for 6 more weeks of winter. Will his friends find a way to get him to come and join the fun or will he have to miss it?

3. GRUMPY GROUNDHOG by Maureen Wright & Illustrated by Amanda- Spring is here, but Groundhog is sleepy and grumpy. His bed is warm and cozy but the people in town need him to come out. Read aloud to find out what grumpy Groundhog decides to do in this funny rhyming book.

4. SUBSTITUTE GROUNDHOG by Pat Miller & Illustrated by Kathi Ember- It’s Groundhog Day and Groundhog wants to do his job for the people, but there’s only one problem– he’s sick with the flu. Groundhog tries to enlist his friends to stand in as his substitute but will it work?

5. GROUNDHOG’S DAY OFF by Robb Pearlman & Illustrated by Brett Helquist- Groundhog is tired of doing the same job every single year and wants to take a day off. Without him, the town people decide to hold auditions for other animals to take his job, but none of the animals seem right for the role. Groundhog loves being a little dramatic may have a change of heart and take his job back or he may find taking a day off way better. Read to find out!

6. WAKE UP, GROUNDHOG! by Susanne Leonard Hill & Illustrate Jeffreey Ebblar-Phyllis is better at predicting the weather than any of her brothers and is eyeing for Punxsutawney Phil’s job when he officially retires. Will she able to prove herself and be the next BEST groundhog?!

7. GROUNDHOG’S RUNAWAY SHADOW by David Bedrzycki- Phil’s shadow is his best friend. They do everything together even though they are quite the opposite. When they both realize they are too different, they decide to go their separate ways. When February 2nd rolls around, the two have to find a way to reconcile and rejoin or Phil will not be able to predict the weather.

8. THE NIGHT BEFORE GROUNDHOG DAY by Natasha Wing & Illustrated by Amy Wummer- In this spin-off from the THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, this rhyming book shares the aniticipation, excititment, and all the fun that comes along with waiting for Groundhog to finally be here!

9. GROUNDHOG DAY! by Gail Gibbons- This book is a great introduction to the holiday for younger children. It covers the history of Groundhog Day, as well as the tradition of the groundhog’s prediction. The illustrations are colorful and engaging, and the text is easy to understand.

10. GROUNDHOG DAY by Sharon Katz- Learn more about this friendly rodent as you celebrate Groundhog Day and all the celebrations and traditions that are carried out on his special holiday!

11. UNDERGROUND ANIMALS: GROUNDHOGS-Ever wondered what groundhogs and their underground homes look like? That a peek in this book to find out along with more information.

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