St. Patrick’s Day Picture Books

If you’re ready to march into spring and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve rounded my favorite St. Patrick’s Day picture books below! From the history…

If you’re ready to march into spring and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve rounded my favorite St. Patrick’s Day picture books below! From the history of St. Patrick’s Day to silly stories of leprechauns, these stories will make the holiday more memorable and special!

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  1. HOW TO CATCH A LEPRECHAUN by Adam Wallace & Illustrated by Andy Elkerton- It’s St. Patrick’s Day and your trap with shamrocks is ready to go, but will you be able to catch the leprechaun? From the How to Catch New York Times Best Selling Series, this is another great addition to help your littles get into the spirit and be inspired to make their leprechaun trap!
  2. ST. PATRICK’S DAY by Gail Gibbons- Help your students learn the history of this special holiday with this nonfiction book! Students will be intrigued by Patrick’s life, how he became a saint, and the traditions of this holiday.
  3. THE NIGHT BEFORE ST. PATRICK’S DAY by Natasha Wing & Illustrated by Amy Wummer- Tim and Maureen are on a mission to create the perfect trap and finally catch the leprechaun. After waking up, they realize they have caught the leprechaun, but where is his pot of gold? Will they be able to find it or was it all part of the leprechaun’s trap?

4. THERE WAS AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED A CLOVER by Lucille Colandro and Jared Lee- If you’re looking for a hilarious book for St. Patrick’s Day, this one will keep your students laughing and guessing the entire time. What will come from all the things that the old lady swallows? Read on to find out and let the guessing game begin!

5. HOORAY FOR ST. PATRICK’S DAY! by Joan Holub & Illustrated by Paul Meisel- Make reading more interactive with this Lift-the-Flap book! Learn the traditions and ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by lifting the flaps inside this book and trying to find the hiding leprechaun throughout the story!

6. THE 12 DAYS OF ST. PATRICK’S DAY: How Long Until St. Patrick’s Day? by Jenna Lettice & Illustrated by Colleen Madden- Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day with this fun and exciting book! Inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas song, children will have so much fun reading/singing to this rhyming book as they anticipate the BIG day!

7. PETE THE CAT: THE GREAT LEPRECHAUN CHASE by James Dean- On St. Patrick’s Day, Pete’s Leprechaun Catching business is officially open and he is ready to help his friends catch the leprechaun. However, Clover is full of tricks, making Pete think twice about testing his luck. Will Pete catch his prize or will he be out of luck? Read on to find out!

8. THE LITTLEST LEPRECHAUN by Brandi Dougherty & Illustrated by Michelle Todd- Leprechauns are known to be little, but Liam is the littlest of them all. Not to be deterred by his size, Liam tries to complete all the leprechaun jobs. Will he find a way to be successful or will he come up short, pun intended? 🙂

9. TEN LUCKY LEPRECHAUNS by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook- You’ve heard of 10 Little Monkeys, but have you heard of the 10 Lucky Leprechauns? Come along for a funny and rhyming adventure as ten lucky leprechauns look for a treasure and find themselves as silly friends!

10. JAMIE O’ROURKE AND THE BIG POTAO: An Irish Folktale by Tomie dePeola – Jamie is known to be the laziest farmer in the village. One day he meets a leprechaun and begins to grow the biggest potato the town has ever seen. What will he do with his potato and will it bring him more good luck?

If you need some more teaching ideas for St. Patrick’s Day and spring, click on the images below!