Spring Classroom Ideas & Resources

      Spring is finally here, and if your classroom is like mine, that means that we are RUNNING on OVERDRIVE!  With report cards,…

Spring is finally here, and if your classroom is like mine, that means that we are RUNNING on OVERDRIVE!  With report cards, Open House, Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and everything else thrown in, it has been BUSY BUSY BUSY for us!
Yet with all these events, there were still so many opportunities for us to celebrate what we have accomplished so far and look forward to other great learning opportunities ahead of us.
Here’s a recap of our March!
Our winter door decoration was definitely falling apart, so I put together a little surprise for the kids.  To create the rainbow mosaic, each student received a piece of color paper for every answer that they got correct on our math review.  I’m so happy to announce that all of the kids got to participate and added to our classroom rainbow!
To go along with our door, we wrote an expository piece on why we needed to catch the Leprechaun from one of our read alouds.  After drafting, revising, and editing, the kids published their writing piece along with a FREE Leprechaun Directed Drawing from FirstandKindertBlueSkies!

To make our leprechaun craftivity, I cut only these pieces below and the kids lined up to pick up their parts and assembled them together with me.  To add a little charm, we brainstormed of names for each other as if we were leprechauns.  The kids thought it was hilarious and had such a great time!

Click on the image above to download the tracers for FREE!!

We also added in some counting coins review to our rainbow and St. Patrick’s Day theme by creating Ways to Make $1 Rainbows!  I simply cut and sorted out the clouds and colored strips beforehand.  Our mini-lesson consisted of reviewing ways to make $1.  Then with a sheet of various coins, the kids completed their rainbow either with me in small groups, with a partner, or independently depending on their readiness.

Oh and there was also Open House thrown in the mix before our Spring Break!  Since our Open House is more of a Student Showcase Night, I decided to go along with a movie theme.  So I rolled out the red carpet (well more like red butcher paper) for the kids and their families to walk on as they entered the classroom.  At the end of the “red carpet” was a little photo-op waiting for them.  When they completed the scavenger hunt that I had left for them, they all received a little popcorn packet for POPPING in! 🙂

For this tag and more tags for the entire year, click to the image below!

Below is a picture of our little photo-op!
Anchor Chart for Parents to Complete for Their Child
What Makes You Most Proud of Your Child Anchor Chart

And because I love gift tags and love giving little gifts to brighten up my students’ and teacher besties’ days so much, I had to add these to the mix! Here’s my confession: my son’s kindergarten teacher is really is amazing!  So how could I resist wishing her the HAPPIEST birthday with this little gift?!  As for my students, I had leftover chocolate coins from Lunar New Year and had to make good use of them. Ha!  I have been randomly giving out a couple whenever I catch GOLDEN behavior in our classroom!

Click on the image below for more March Gift Tags!

March is also the month when I teach the water cycle, bodies of water, and landforms in science.  Here are my anchor charts and some Digital Interactive Notebooks that I use with my kids! These notebooks can be printed as .pdf files or used on Google Slides for Google Classroom.


And yes, we still have some more days left of March left, but my mind is already in April! And for those who are still counting down to Spring Break, here’s some digital bath salts for you and I hope it gets here ASAP as I know you truly deserve it! 🙂