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Hour of Code is here and I can’t wait to share with you some of my favorite resources for K-2nd grade! Disclosure: The links are…

Hour of Code is here and I can’t wait to share with you some of my favorite resources for K-2nd grade!

Disclosure: The links are affiliated links, meaning that I will earn a commission if you click through the links and make a purchase.

A few years ago when I started teaching at a STEM school, I felt nervous and overwhelmed about teaching coding. I mean, I had been a traditional teacher for a good nine years and never even came across a coding lesson let alone a CODING WEEK!

But once I was introduced to all the available resources and easy ideas there are out there to teach even to our littlest learners about coding, I finally felt confidant that I too, could learn coding and teach it too!

Below are some of my absolute favorite because they are fun, kid-friendly, and FREE!

Scratch Jr is one of my students’ favorite coding apps! Using different characters, backgrounds, and coding functions, students can create stories, retell stories, and even have their characters talk using the recording option.

Codepillar App– If you already have the Codepillar, you know how easy and fun it is for students to code and control how the Codepillar moves. However, if you only have one Codepillar for the entire class to code, that can difficult. Using the Codepillar App, students can either work with a partner or by themselves to code their Codepillar on their own tablet! Simply choose and drag the movements then tap on the Codepillar on the app to make him move to complete the tasks!

Daisy the Dinosaur is another simple but fun coding app for little engineers! Students can choose from the Free-Play Mode or Challenge Mode to help Daisy the Dinosaur get to the STAR. Students can drag the simple commands into order for Daisy to move. Some independent reading is required regarding the different tasks. Therefore, working in pairs would work best for beginning and emerging readers.

Hopster Coding Safari is a fun, animated, and interactive app that my students really love! As students from different tracks to help different animals find their food, they also get to take a trip around the world! It’s self explanatory and so easy to use!

For more FREE Coding resources, I go directly to and Khan Academy Hour of Code. In addition to plugged activities, also has many unplugged activities including my favorite the Binary Bracelets!

Happy CODING!!!

For more STEM Resources for your primary classroom, click to the images below.

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