5 Things to Do in Aruba with Kids

Aruba has been on my to-go bucket list as long as I heard of its beautiful waters and beaches!  So when it was time for…

Aruba has been on my to-go bucket list as long as I heard of its beautiful waters and beaches!  So when it was time for us to plan our trip, I was completely stoked out and made sure I did my research well!

With two kids in tow and only a week to visit and explore the island, we knew that we had no time to waste.  As soon as we arrived, we visited as many beaches as we could, and drove throughout the entire island to take in all of its beauty and history.
Below are our picks for the 5 places to visit in Aruba with kids!

1. Feed the Flamingos!

Where else on Earth can you feed flamingos from your bare hands while soaking up the rays on the beach?! Aruba that is!  If you stay at the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino, your resort fees include the complimentary boat ride and admission to their exclusive Renaissance Island, where you can frolic on the beach next to flamingos!  
On the island, you will find lounge chairs, two beautiful beaches, and flamingos that are more than happy to come up to you to be fed.  This was definitely the highlight of our trip!

2. Swim at Baby Beach!

Baby Beach is just that perfect for babies!  Shallow waters, soft, white sand, gentle waves, and beautiful turquoise waters that make Aruba so picturesque! Baby Beach is hands-down, the best beach for little ones on the island! When we went, our son was 6 and could safely walk and play in the water with his floaties.  Our daughter also loved that the water was so warm and calm!  There’s also a nice restaurant there where you can rent lounges and tents.  It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it!

Please be aware that stacking rocks in Aruba can disturb the natural hiding places from animals such as insects and crabs rely for refuge.  While you may find many stacks of rocks by Baby Beach, many islanders are not very fond of this tourist tradition.

3. Relax and Play at Palm Beach!

If you would like to visit a beach with more amenities, check out Palm Beach.  Located in front of the Ritz-Carlton, it has restaurants, souvenir stalls, water sports, beach chairs, umbrellas, and more!  It’s also in the heart of all the hustle and bustle and filled with tourists from all over the world!
After visiting Palm Beach, our family returned and had sunset dinner at the Ritz-Carlton and were even treated some live music!

4. Visit the Natural Bridge!

One of the most popular attractions on the island is the Natural Bridge.  While what is photographed and known of the bridge has collapsed, we were still able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the Gift Shop by the water.  
The view of the cliffs with crashing waves really made for a beautiful backdrop of this smaller natural bridge that is close by the original.

5. Tour the Entire Island!

There’s so much to see in Aruba! Renting a car and explore the island for yourself is the best way to experience all that Aruba has to offer!

One of our favorite memories is simply driving around the island and being amazed of how much it looks like a desert! We also love seeing the cliffs, crashing waves, beautiful turquoise waters, and feel the nice breeze on our skin!

So if you are planning to visit Aruba, do it! You will have a blast and so will your little ones! Happy Traveling!