Father’s Day Picture Books

Here’s a list of the best Father’s Day picture books to celebrate Father’s Day with your little readers!

If you need Father’s Day picture books, I list my favorites below! These books highlight all the amazing things fathers and father figures do for their kids and show the BIG love that is known as a father’s love.

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1. I LOVE DAD WITH THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR by Eric Carle- Celebrate the father figures in your child’s life with this easy-to-read and sweet book filled with little reminders of what makes dads great.

2. FATHER’S DAY by Anne Rockwell and illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell- The children in Mrs. Madoff’s class are celebrating the fathers in their lives including a child who has a stepfather at home. Each child shares the special things that their dads do for them and at the end of the story, one of them gets a surprise of her own!

3. WHY A SON NEEDS A DAD by Gregory E. Lang and Susanna Leonard Hill and illustrated by Gail Yerrill- Travel through the animal kingdom to celebrate how a father’s loving and strong bond with his children no matter where they call home. With heartwarming rhymes and captivating artwork, this book is the perfect read for Father’s Day.

4. HERO DAD by Melinda Hardin- A dad is a child’s first hero and some dads are true heroes. They leave their families and put their own lives at risk so that they can defend and protect their country. These dads are heroes and remind us that dads who serve reserve a special place in our hearts, especially in their children’s hearts.

5. HAIR LOVE by Matthew A. Cherry and illustrated by Vashti Harrison-Zuri knows her hair is beautiful and so does her dad, but today he is in charge of doing her hair for a special occasion, he finds out that there’s a lot he has to learn. Will he get it right just in time? Follow along with this adorable father-daughter relationship and how their love for her hair brings them even closer.

6. FINDING PAPA by Angela Pham Krans and Illustrated by Thi Bui- Inspired by the author’s experience, Mai and her mother embark on a dangerous journey to find Papa who had left Vietnam to find freedom and a better life in America for their family.  Along the way, they encounter help and refuge that lead them to papa in their new home.

7. MY PAPI HAS A MOTORCYCLE by Isabel Quintero and illustrated by Zeke Pena- Daisy Ramona loves riding with papi on his motorcycle around her neighborhood and community. Familiar faces and sights make her happy but she notices changes are happening as well. As the sun sets, she realizes that many things can change around her, but her dad’s love for her will always be constant.

8. GIRL DAD by Sean Williams and illustrated by Jay Davis- Written as an upbeat, rhyming story, this book honors strong dads who raise strong and loving daughters. From having tea parties to painting nails to dressing up, leave it up to girl dads to step up and stage the stage with their daughters. This is a must-read for all the daughters with their daddies.

9. MADE FOR ME by Zack Bush and illustrated by Gregorio De Lauretis-This sweet rhyming book tells the love of a father for his child from the first moment their eyes meet to all the beautiful memories that they share as the child is made for their dad.

10. SOME DADDIES by Carol Gordan Ekster and illustrated by Javiera Mac-lean Álvarez- Celebrate all the daddies and how special they are to their children with this diverse and inclusive book. Some daddies give all the hugs while some barely do. But no matter how they show their love, one thing is true- they all love their children in their own way. Honor all the daddies- married, single, stay-at-home, two dads, stepdads, and all the father figures out there with this big-hearted book.

11. YOU MADE ME A DAD by Laurenne Sala and illustrated by Mike Malbrough- This is a sweet ode to all the expectant dads and dads who love their children from the womb to caring and protecting them once they made them dads. This is a celebration of fatherhood and all the milestones along the way.

12. THE NIGHT BEFORE FATHER’S DAY by Natasha Wing and illustrated by Amy Wummer- The kids are back at planning another surprise, but this time it’s for their dad! When Dad goes out for a bike ride, the kids and mom immediately get to work by cleaning out the garage and washing his car. Read to find out how Dad has a surprise up his sleeve for them as well!

13. A FATHER’S LOVE by Hannah Holt and illustrated by YEe Von Chan-This sweet book is an exploration of a father’s love through the animal kingdom and while all the animals are different, their love is the same. It’s an easy read and would make the perfect read for Father’s Day.

14. OUR SHED: A FATHER-DAUGHTER BUILDING STORY by Robert Broder and illustrated by Carrie O’Neill- A father is building a shed and enlists his daughter’s help who adds her imagination and wonder to make the project a true collaboration of love and learning together.

15. BECAUSE OF YOU, DAD by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Natalie Russell- Dads make their children feel loved, special, and brave! This sweet read explains all the ways a dad’s care and guidance help their child shine and be their personal best.

16. DAD BAKES by Katie Yamasaki- Before sunrise, a dad wakes up to bake in a bakery and when he comes home he plays, spends time with his daughter, and bakes with her. This story was inspired by the formerly incarcerated people whom the author had worked with to show the beauty of reclaiming their lives and their family lives back.

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