Plant and Seed Picture Books

Are you learning about plants and seeds and need the perfect picture books to go along with your lessons? Below is the list of my…

Are you learning about plants and seeds and need the perfect picture books to go along with your lessons? Below is the list of my favorite books along with simple activities to go along with them!

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1. A SEED GROWS by Antoinette Portis- Follow along the life cycle of a sunflower as it is planted as a seed and grows into a beautiful flower. The text is easy to read and the illustration is adorable!

2. FROM SEED TO PLANT by Gail Gibbons- Plants are all around us and Gibbons gives us an in-depth look at how plants, flowers, and trees grow through the processes of planting, pollination, germination, and formation. With details illustrations, this nonfiction text is a must-have to lay the foundation to learning about plants.

3. THE TINY SEED by Eric Carle- Seeds embark on a very arduous journey through the seasons, elements, and many dangerous obstacles to grow into plants. Once they become mature plants, their seeds them begin the process all over again! Plant the seeds of knowledge in your budding botanists and follow this wonderous adventure in adorable book!

4. PLANT THE TINY SEED by Christie Matheson- In this interactive book, children will be able to read, clap, wave, and tap along as they learn how to grow a garden filled with vibrant colored flowers! Additional information on the various insects, animals, flowers, and plants is also provided in the back of the book.

5. IF YOU PLANT A SEED by Kadir Nelson- From the best-selling and award-winning author and illustrator, Kadir Nelson, this sweet book follows two furry friends as they learn that beyond the basic needs of a plant, we can also grow this with kindness, care, and patience. This book is perfect to help young readers understand what it really takes to grow a garden.

6. SEED TO PLANT by Kristin Baird Rattini- This nonfiction text with vivid photographs is easy to read and provides facts and details on how seeds grow to plants. Along with diagrams and vocabulary words, this book is informative and make learning about plants come to life!

7. WHAT’S INSIDE A FLOWER? by Rachel Ignotofsky- From one the most gifted authors and illustrators, Rachel Ignotofsky has provided a beautifully crafted book with descriptions, details, and facts to help answer all the lingering questions that children and even adults have on seeds and flowers. With stunning illustrations, this book grabs and keeps the reader’s attention from the beginning to the end.

8. PLANTING A RAINBOW by Lois Ehlert- Ever wanted to plant a garden with the colors of the rainbow? Start a garden with the mother and child in this book, as they plant the seeds and watch them grow into a dazzling display of colorful wonder!

9. PLANTS FEED ME by Lizzy Rockwell- Students will love learning about the plants that they actually eat with this book! Is it the root, stem, flower, seeds, or leaves? Readers will be surprise to learn which part of a plant we eat and how they are grown!

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