How to Make Your Classroom Valentine’s Day Party Fun & Stress-Free

As students are getting back into the swing of things after a long winter break, it seems that February, while the shortest month of the…

As students are getting back into the swing of things after a long winter break, it seems that February, while the shortest month of the year, feels like the longggest month for teachers.  Am I right or am I right?! 🙂

Every year when February rolls around, my calendar fills up so quickly with activities, events, meetings, and deadlines at school, that I am constantly checking and double checking just to stay afloat.

But again, it’s February, and it’s one of the more magical time of the year in the primary classroom, especially for the little ones!  Who can forget making your own Valentine box/bag and passing out and receiving Valentine cards from your friends in elementary school?  I definitely love those memories and love them even more now that I can make those sweet memories with my sweet students!

While February brings so much fun and excitement, it can also come with a lot of stress in planning and organizing your classroom Valentine party.  Here are some tips to help make it so stress-free and fun that you will definitely LOVE!!! 🙂

1. Send Out Your Valentine Party Note Early
Once the time and date are settled with your administrators, notify parents right away along with the class roster.  Stores can start setting up their Valentine’s Day displays and goodies as early as the beginning of January.  Save yourself from responding to multiple emails inquiring information about the Valentine party by being proactive and sending it out early.  The kids are excited to buy their Valentine cards and will appreciate the ample time they have to choose the perfect set!

2. Enlist Help from Your Room Mom or Parent Volunteers
This year I have been blessed to have such wonderful mom volunteers who buy decorations, schedule a time after school, and decorate my classroom for me without my having to be there. I know, right?!  🙂 They have saved me so much time, and I am so appreciative of their help.  May it be classroom decorations, door decorations, or donating items for the party, having parent volunteers is a BIG plus and will save you so much time.

3. Vote on a Design and Create Your Valentine Bag or Box Together as a Class
Yes, students love making their own Valentine boxes or bags at home to bring in. However, I have always had my students vote on a design and create it together in the classroom.  Not only is it fun for them, but I know for sure that everyone will have and come home with a Valentine bag full of memories and cards.

4. Have an Extra Box of Valentine Cards in Your Classroom, Just in Case  
Thank goodness it doesn’t happen often, but once every two or three years, a student of mine would not have Valentine cards to pass out.  Having an extra box at hand instantly brightens up that one student’s day and will make your teacher heart so full and happy!

5. Plan on Doing a Simple Game or Activity
Since passing out Valentine cards can take the majority of the time especially in Kindergarten and first grade classes, a simple activity such as decorating a heart-shaped cookie with candy and frosting or playing Valentine Bingo will simply do the trick and bring on smiles!

If you need some Valentine resources, click to the images below.