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Learning to be a good citizen in the primary grades is so important as young students begin to understand what it feels like to become a rightful member of a classroom community and their own community as a whole.  When teaching about citizenship, I have found that there are so many abstract ideas that it can be overwhelming for the kids to grasp upon.  However, the key is to take those BIG abstract ideas and explain them in ways and terms that are relatable and meaningful to the kids.

Here are my 5 Steps for teaching Good Citizenship:

Encourage students to share what is a good citizen?  Share with students that a citizen is someone who belongs a city/state/country. 
Ask these probing questions to encourage more discussion from students.
What do they do?  
Why is good citizenship important?  
Can students be good citizens in their own classroom?

Next, ask students to share what they think rights are.  Rights are rules that let people know what people are allowed to do or what is owed to them according to the law.  For instance, all school-aged children have the right to a free education in the United States.  All children also have the right to be safe and taken care of.
Here are some other questions to help:
Do all citizens have rights?  
What are rights that citizens have?  
Do kids have rights too?

Next, discuss and define responsibilities.  Responsibilities are certain duties that we take on as part of our roles.  For example, children may have the responsibility to take out the dog or take out the trash in their family.  Everyone has different duties to help make sure work is done in the house and in the community.

What responsibilities do citizens have?  

Why are responsibilities important?  

What responsibilities do kids have at school and at home?

What are the traits of a good citizen?  Honesty, fairness, etc.  Do you look for the same traits in a good friend?  

Lasty, describe traits of a good citizen as a class.

How can students become good citizens themselves?  

What can they do in the classroom to practice good citizenship?  

For ready-to-teach posters and activities for Good Citizenship, click on the images below.

To download a copy of this Good Citizenship Crown FREEBIE, click to the image below.


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