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Last Monday marked a beautiful and wonderful day for our family!  It was the day that hubby, our son, and I had been waiting 9+…

Last Monday marked a beautiful and wonderful day for our family!  It was the day that hubby, our son, and I had been waiting 9+ months for…..the birth of our newest addition, our sweet baby daughter!

As I was typing down some pregnancy memories since insomnia had hit me hard the last month, my hubby called for me to grab something for him.  Just as I bent down to grab it, the unthinkable happened as it had not happened to me before with my son’s pregnancy, my water BROKE! In a mad rush, we got ourselves ready and got my parents settled in with our son before we headed for the hospital…but first a quick to-go breakfast, of course, since I was extremely hungry and knew that I wouldn’t be able to eat once I was admitted. 🙂
Entering the hospital for the second time, I felt a sense of excitement and nervousness.  Excited since it had been such a long pregnancy.  With all the textbook symptoms that I had experienced and simply being pregnant throughout the ENTIRE summer in the heat of Texas, feeling excited to finally deliver is somewhat of an understatement! 🙂  But then again, I knew that every delivery comes with uncertainties and risks and even with a plan in hand, I was mentally prepared for the changes that could occur when it comes down to the wire.
My hubby was so sweet and supportive the entire process.  From the beginning of the pregnancy to being my coach in the delivery room, he was a trooper and was always a constant presence by my side.  When the dilation process took what seemed forever (20 hours total for the record) and when I thought maybe the plan I had in mind might have to be adjusted, he kept encouraging and reminding me how much progress I was making.  And then…..the moment arrived and so did our sweet bundle of joy!
Holding and kissing her for the first time in my arms, I sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her as I did with our son and felt such happiness and a great sense of relief as she was healthy and was attached to me from the very start.  
Since her arrival, it has been a little pass a week and our family can’t be any happier.  Our lil’ man has really stepped up to the plate and has been so sweet and helpful.  While I was uncertain how he would actually receive her as he has been our one and only for so long, it really is amazing to see how mature he has grown in just several days!  My hubby and I are so proud of him!  Yes, life at the current moment is definitely a work in progress as hubby is back at work, and I am adjusting to life with two little ones at home with my sweet parents, who have flown down to help me for a bit.  I know that once lil’ man resumes daycare and all of us resume back to our schedules with me officially starting my maternity leave, things will be more smooth and settled.
What used to be just two wide-eyed teenagers in love turned into a family of two, with many prayers grew to three, and now four.  We feel so incredibly blessed to have two sweet babies and call them our children!  So…..without further ado, I would love to introduce you to our sweet daughter, Lily!
To go along with happy announcements, I would also like to share with you the release of the TPT Back to School Ebook Grades 1 & 2! Click to the image below to download the Ebook filled with great Back to School tips for teachers and FREEBIES!  Don’t forget to check out page 15 where you can find my Teacher Tip & FREEBIE!  
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