Classroom Mini-Makeover Reveal!

My nesting instinct has definitely kicked in overtime since I have taken my obsession from cleaning our house to giving my classroom a mini-makeover! 🙂…

My nesting instinct has definitely kicked in overtime since I have taken my obsession from cleaning our house to giving my classroom a mini-makeover! 🙂 The more I thought about how I could better organized things in my classroom, the more I was determined to make it even better!  Thus, I give you my Classroom Mini-Makeover!

My Whiteboard BEFORE:  I had dye-cut the individual letters for the different core subjects and “I Can” statements.  They saved me a good amount of time since I didn’t have to rewrite them every week.  However, they kept falling off and were easily damaged.

My Whiteboard AFTER:  This year, I have printed and laminated these labels to stay all year. Since they are not individual letters but on single labels, I know it will be much easier for them to stay in-tact.

My Classroom Library BEFORE: I purchased these baskets for a dollar each.  While they were a bargain and lasted almost throughout the year, they began breaking apart and the labels I had used were torn and peeled apart by March.

My Classroom Library AFTER:  I snagged up these durable and flexible bins from Target, and they seem to be the perfect fit!  I simplified my classroom library and  also made my own labels.

My Teacher Desk BEFORE: I thought that my putting crates in front of my desk would create the extra needed storage for math manipulatives.  However, I found that they weren’t being used as often as I needed and seemed to have taken up more space.

My Teacher Desk AFTER: I removed the crates and the wrapping paper that was used to decorate the front of my desk.  This simple change leaves the front of my desk more open and even left room for me to hang my handy-dandy bunting.  My sweet husband helped me hang the lanterns and pom-poms on top of my desk to give the ceiling a little more spunk and color.  I’ve also reorganized my desk, and can I just say how much I love my new supplies drawer organizer?! 🙂

Other Additions: I also made a new label for my “Extra Paper” crate, which I love, love, love and has saved me so many times!  Every time I go to make copies, I always make an extra copy just in case one of my students messes up or loses his/her original copy.  Whenever this happens, I simply ask my students to go to the extra paper crate to find another copy.  A simple idea as this has saved me so many times, and I simply must have one in my classroom!  I have also bought a new drawer organizer for my Math Calendar materials to sort them out by seasons.  I had the hardest time last year just going through bags and bags of materials to find what I needed.  This year, I know that they are separated in the right place and will be readily accessible when needed.

New Pom-Poms & Desk Caddies: Nothing gives a classroom a pop of color than pom-poms, so I did just that.  Let’s hope they stay all year! 🙂  My new desk caddies are more durable than the ones from last year, and I love they are different colors!

Still Loved: I’m still loving my word wall, which gives me enough space to simply write the sight words using dry-erase markers.  I also love my Math Center cubbies and how easy it was for the kids to help me set up the math centers last year with math buckets already set up!
So that is my classroom for this year!  Now that I’m done reorganizing and decorating, I am ready to simply kick back and enjoy the last weeks I have left of summer vacation and waiting for baby to arrive! 
If you are interested in my bright Chevron Classroom Labels, click to the image below!  


  1. Ha your room looks great! And I must say you rock for having the energy to re-do your room at this time! Ha-Ha I really like the chevron background on your new labels. I'm keeping a close eye to see when your new little bundle arrives. I'm still waiting over here for ours. 🙂

    Lattes and Lunchrooms

  2. Thank you, Kelly! My nesting instinct is no longer of use at home, since I think I have organized and decorated everything and anything possible, so I had to take it to the next best place- my classroom! hahaha… I am also keeping a close eye on you girls as well! 🙂 They say the last few weeks will seem forever, and it really has! I really hope both of us won't have to wait any longer! 🙂

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