May Classroom Ideas

Can you believe it?  April has been rainy and gray.  But in a few days, it’s gonna be May!!! Yes, with only so many more…

Can you believe it?  April has been rainy and gray.  But in a few days, it’s gonna be May!!! Yes, with only so many more weeks left of school, things will definitely pick up this month!  Keep the fun going with these easy ideas for your classroom!  From counting down to summer to summer reviews to a FREE memory booklet, read all the detail and excitement below!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

If you are conferencing in May to go over your students’ progress, encourage your parents to leave a note for their child to acknowledge and praise the growth that they have made this year.  A simple act of acknowledgement goes such a long way to help build confident and supported learners!

Mother’s Day
Celebrate Mother’s Day by creating a small lapbook for your students’ moms!  The kids will love drawing their mom and writing all about how special she is to them!  One sheet of color cardstock and these cutouts are all that is needed.  Snag these printables by clicking to the images below!

Teacher Gifts

How do you thank your wonderful teacher team, teacher besties, and your child’s teacher who have kept you going and been such an amazing support system to you all year?!  You shower them with sweet gifts, of course! May it be a little summer purse, a bottle of lotion, or a book for a summer read, these tags below will go perfectly with any teacher gift and even student gifts too! Click to the image below!

Student Gifts

And of course!  Don’t forget to send your students off to a great summer with a little surprise and a summer review packet to help keep the learning fresh in their minds!  Here are some fun gift ideas!  For the tags, click to the image below.

If you need some fun summer reviews for your incoming first and second graders, check out these print and digital summer packets!

12 Days of Until Summer Countdown
Nothing makes the last weeks of school more exciting than counting down the days until SUMMER! Here are 12 simple ways to bring on the summa, summa, summatime!  Click to the image to take you to all the details!
Memory Books
And at last, end the year by reflecting on all the wonderful things that made this year so special for the kids with this End-of-the-Year Brochure!  The kids will have so much reminiscing and will find it hard to say goodbye to you and all their sweet friends!