I’m BACK with the Sunday Scoop!!!

Hi friends! I’m BACK!!!  So sorry for such a long wait…..I know it’s been since December, and in the blogging world, it’s like….. FOREVER!!!! 🙂…

Hi friends!

I’m BACK!!!  So sorry for such a long wait…..I know it’s been since December, and in the blogging world, it’s like….. FOREVER!!!! 🙂 But life has been super busy, crazy, and WONDERFUL all at the same time, and there’s so much that I want to share with you.

Christmas came and went, and I must say, it was simply awesome!  Instead of giving each other gifts, my husband and I decided to take our sweet baby boy to Florida and then a cruise to the Bahamas from there.  It was exactly what I needed- a lot of rest, good times with my boys, and of course, good food!

I also made a BIG announcement during Christmas to my close friends and family… and it was…. We’re expecting our second baby this summer!!!

So as you can imagine, I have been going through the gamete of pregnancy symptoms including morning sickness and all its glory. 🙂  But I am so grateful for the long, needed break so that I could definitely rest, nap, and sleep in….because this mama is SUPER tired…… all the time now. 🙂

The end of the first trimester is approaching, and I can not be any happier! But… I am grateful that my wonderful husband has stepped up to the plate to take care of the home front so that I can get as much rest I can after work.  Very soon we will find out the gender of our baby, and I will definitely share that wonderful news with you!

As for now, I am happy to link up with the wonderful Teaching Trip for my Sunday Scoop!

3- With a short week ahead, things at school will definitely feel like they are going 100 miles an hour.  But gotta get those plans and copies in for next week like every other week. 🙂  I have also been meaning to make my family’s favorite chicken soup for two weeks now.  Well… let’s just say two weeks ago when I bought the chicken at the store, my pregnancy brain forgot to pick up the bag with it in…and so I came home with everything else, but that. 🙁  But!!!  This week, I do have my chicken, and it’s definitely ON! Speaking of food…. gotta clean out the fridge… It’s just time. lol..

2- Somehow when I can sleep in, my brain tells me I should wake up…early… and then lay in bed and do nothing but get mad that I can’t get back to sleep.  So I really hope I can sleep in with my lil’ man tomorrow morning and maybe…just maybe if I still have some energy in me to complete another unfinished TPT project that I created in DECEMBER!  However, I did finish another project today just in time for Valentine’s Day next month!  For that, I am very proud of myself! 🙂

1- And finally… I’m just glad to have had the weekend to love on and cuddle with my sweet boy.  He’s growing up so fast, and pretty soon, he’s going to be a BIG brother.  It seems like the other day he was just a newborn.  Crazy how when you become a parent, time just zooms by so quickly.
Well, that’s all for now.  I hope you enjoy your long weekend while celebrating one of our country’s greatest heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and hope that you will have a fabulous week with your sweet students ahead!

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  1. Well that certainly is very exciting news! A hearty congrats to you and your family! Oh, I'm NOT pregnant and I left my platter of shrimp IN the car overnight recently after food shopping. Boo to that! But yea for new babies!


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