10+ Lunar New Year Books

It’s that time of the year to celebrate Lunar New Year! Here are my favorite 10+ Lunar New Year books! Click on the links to…

It’s that time of the year to celebrate Lunar New Year! Here are my favorite 10+ Lunar New Year books!

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  1. SESAME STREET-HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! by Sonali Fry and Barry Goldberg- Come and learn how Lunar New Year is celebrated in Korea and China with Elmo and all of his friends on Sesame Street! While both countries celebrate the new year, they do so in different and special ways! This board book is adorable and perfect for the little readers!
  2. LUNAR NEW YEAR: A CELEBRATION OF FAMILY AND FUN by Mary Man-Kong and Illustrated by Michelle Jing Chan- This is an instant classic from A Big Golden Book Series that teaches different ways Lunar New Year is celebrated with traditionals dancers, delicious foods, Chinese zodiac animals, and fun-filled traditions. This is the perfect simple informational text that introduces the basics of the holiday to preschoolers everywhere!
  3. BRINGING IN THE NEW YEAR by Grace Lin- This sweet story follows a Chinese American family as they bring in the New Year with customs and traditions such as cleaning their house, dressing in new clothes, making dumplings, hanging lanterns, attending parades, and so much more! Follow along and read aloud to celebrate Lunar New Year!

4. GOLDY LUCK AND THE THREE PANDAS by Natasha Yim and Illustrated by Grace Zong- Everyone knows the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but what about Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas? Come along as Natasha Yim takes the classic and retell it into a Chinese New Year story! Will Goldy Luck successfully deliver a plate of turnip cakes to her neighbors or will she get herself into trouble in their hourse? Read to find out what happens in this fun retelling with adorable illustrations!

5. CHLOE’S LUNAR NEW YEAR by Lily Lamotte and Illustrated by Michelle Lee-Choloe is ready to celebrate new year with new shoes, red envelopes, and turnip cakes! Together, her family cook up a delicious feast for everyone in her family including A-má. This story not only celebrates the holiday but also the importance of family during this special time of the year.

6. FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS, FOREVER by Dane Liu and Illustrated by Lynn Scurfield- Dandan lives in Northeastern China and loves making paper snowflakes with her best friend to freeze and hang as ornaments for Chinese New Year. However, she is leaving for America with her family and is unsure if anyone in her new home will make this special craft with her again. Based on the author’s immigration story, this heartwarming story shares the message of friendship and how kindness can be spread around the world.

7. SAM AND THE LUCKY MONEY by Karen Chinn and Illustrated by Cornelius Van Wright & Ying-Hwa Hu- Sam receives Lucky Money for Chinese New Year and he is excited to see what he can buy with it in Chinatown! As he walks through shops, he realizes that there is a homeless man with no socks. Will Sam use his Lucky Money to bring kindness to the man or will he use it for himself?

8. TWO NEW YEARS by Richard Ho and Illustrated by Lunn Scarfield- Inspired by the author’s multicultural family, TWO NEW YEARS shares how this special family celebrated Rosh Hashanah and Lunar New Year and passed down the traditions to their children. This book is inviting, warm, and allows children to learn the beauty of celebrating and honoring different cultures at the same time!

9. TET TOGETHER by Alice Trinh and Illustrated by Jade Le- Learn how Vietnamese families prepare and celebrate Tết, Vietnamese Lunar New Year! With house cleaning, bright and shiny decorations, lavish meals, and more, Tết calls for a time of renewal, togetherness, and family! Read to find out more!

10. HOW TO CATCH A DRAGON by Adam Wallace & Illustrated by Andy Elkerton- From the best-selling How to Catch a Series, this story challenges little readers as they try to chase down a unruly dragon, who evades traps after traps through the Chinese New Year celebration in town. It’s exciting, whimsical, and so much fun to read!

11. NEW CLOTHES FOR NEW YEAR’S DAY by Hyun-joo Bae- A Korean girl is excited to try on her new clothes for the new year! However, she learns that it takes some time and effort to make sure every single detail, deocration, and accessory is worn correctly and discovers the pride in her heritage and culture.

12. RUBY’S CHINESE NEW YEAR by Vickie Lee & Illustrated by Joey Chou-Get to know the Chinese Zodiac animals better as they help Ruby deliver a special card to her grandmother! This story is so cute and will keep your little readers engaged throughout Ruby’s journey!

If you need more ideas and resources to celebrate Lunar New Year in your classroom, check out the blog posts and activities below!