10+ Valentine’s Day Picture Books

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to pull out my favorite Valentine’s Day picture books! Below are my 10+ favorite Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to pull out my favorite Valentine’s Day picture books! Below are my 10+ favorite Valentine’s Day books with descriptions. Click on the links to add them now to your library!

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  1. THE BEST THING ABOUT VALENTINES by Eleanor Hudson and Illustrated by Mary C. Melcher- Two furry friends make, decorate, and send valentines for those they love. This book is easy to read, simple, and provides different ways to create valentines and of course, the best thing about valentines.
  2. VALENTINE MICE! by Bethany Robers and Illustrated by Doug Cushman- Follow a group of friendly mice that delivers valentines to their fellow forest friends. But what happens when one valentine card goes missing?
  3. THE DAY IT RAINED HEARTS by Felicia Bond- When it started to rain hearts one day, Cornelia Augusta caught one and another and another. Using her collected hearts, she began making valentine cards and mailed them to all of her friends. Afterwards, it never rained hearts again but she found other ways to make valentines again.

4. LOVE IS by Diane Adams & Illustrated by Claire Keane- A little girl finds a baby duck and learns what it’s like to take care of a small and fragile being and discovers what love is and how it can grow to so much more than she ever imagined it could be.

5. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, MOUSE!– by Laura Numeroff and Illustrated by Felicia Bond- Who doesn’t love Mouse? It’s cute, adorable, and is celebrating Valentine’s Day! What will he do to celebrate this special day? Read to find out!

6. LOVE GROWS EVERYWHERE– by Barry Timms and Illustrated by Tisha Lee- This is a sweet and rhyming story about a family that loves to grow plants and inspires an entire community to share that love with them and learn that love can truly grow everywhere.

7. I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE YOU by Liza Baker and Illustrated by David McPhail- Remind your students how loved they are with this lyrical text and charming illustrations. Students will love connecting the love that their parents have for them with this sweet book.

8. THIS IS NOT A VALENTINE by Carter Higgins and Illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins- A little boy presents various presents to a girl in his class but emphasizes that while they may seem cute and charming, they are not valentines….or are they afterall?

9. LOVE MONSTER by Rachel Bright- Monster doesn’t look like the cute and fluffy things where he lives. He feels out of place and decides to find someone to love him for who he is. Just when he thought there wasn’t anyone out there to love him, a surprise finds him at the end.

10. THE BIGGEST VALENTINE EVER by Steven Kroll and Illustrated by Jeni Bassett- Desmond and Clayton want to make a valentine for their teacher but when they begin to argue about too much glitter and too many hearts, they decide to make their own. Read to find out if the best friends reconcile in time to give their teacher the best Valentine’s Day gift yet!

11. LITTLE BLUE TRUCKY’S VALENTINE by Alex Schertle and Illustrated by Jill McElmurry- Little Blue Truck loves delivering Valentines to every animal on the farm but he is afraid that he won’t be getting one himself. Will any of his friends think of him for Valentine’s Day or will he be the only one without a valentine?

12. HOW WE SAY I LOVE YOU by Nicole Chen and Illustrated by Lenny Wen- Hana loves her family and they show their love for her in different ways from cooking to cheering for her to holding her hand. This book explores the different ways to love your family even without using words.

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