My Top 5 Magical Moments at TPT Conference 2016

After months of anticipation and planning, it was finally here- The TPT Conference! I had read about past conferences on blogs and in the forum…

After months of anticipation and planning, it was finally here- The TPT Conference! I had read about past conferences on blogs and in the forum and talked to my blogging friends who have attended before, and decided that this year would be the year that I would follow through and go.

So with butterflies in my stomach, 3 hours of sleep from the night before because I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep, and my blogging bestie turned real-life bestie, Antoinette from Shoelaces and Sugarcookies by my side, I attended my first TPT Conference in Orlando!
From the keynote speeches to all the sessions that I attended, I learned so much and I was able to connect with so many who share the same passion and enthusiasm for teaching and helping other teachers!
I could go on and on about everything that happened, but I got two babies napping and my time is kindda limited.:)  So with that being said, these are my Top 5 MAGICAL moments at the TPT Conference 2016!
5. It’s at DISNEY, y’all!
It just doesn’t get any more magical than this! 
4. Meeting & Connecting with Other Teacher Bloggers
I have met so many wonderful and kind-hearted teacher bloggers at the conference, I can’t even tell you how many!  How often do you meet strangers who immediately take you in as a friend and generously share their knowledge so that you can grow personally and professionally?  This in itself is magical!  I love meeting all the teacher bloggers who I have followed  for so long in person and meeting new bloggers who have now become friends.
3. Getting to Know the TpT Team
This has gotten to be one of the highlights of my experience!  After years of seeing profile pictures and names in email correspondence, I finally got to meet the members of the TpT team who work so hard and diligently to make our experience as teacher-authors possible. From the Admin Team to the Customer Service Team to the Design Team and everyone in between, thank you, thank you, thank you!  Thank you TPT Team for this wonderful conference and for working so incredibly hard everyday back at the headquarter, and essentially, being the vessel of change in education!
2. Learning From Other Teachers
With so many teachers across the US and even around the world who came, there was so much wealth of knowledge and experience in one place! I loved talking to other teachers about their experience and what they have learned along their journey.  The more we shared, the more connected we felt, and the more we felt supported and encouraged in our journey together.
1. Recognizing & Accepting the Magic Within
Everyone who comes into education and has taught knows what it takes to be a educator.  We are educators, but we know that we are also so much more to our students.  To teach the best that we can, we must be the best that we can everyday.  We must recognize the magic within us and share with other teachers our experience and wealth of knowledge.  Together, we are powerful, but individually, we are magical. 
Thank you for reading! If you also attended the TpT Conference 2016 and would like to share your magical moments, please link up with me below!  I would love to read about it!

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