It’s the Sunday Scoop at the Texas State Fair!

I’m linking up with the Teaching Trio again to share with you my Sunday Scoop for the week. When I was a kid, my family…

I’m linking up with the Teaching Trio again to share with you my Sunday Scoop for the week.

When I was a kid, my family and I always went to Sunday mass and sat at the same pew on the same side of the church every week.  It was like our chosen assigned seat.  While there were so many memories of Sunday Mass, I’ll always remember the hymns and songs that we sang.  Even until today, whenever I bring my own family to mass, those songs still bring back so many good memories of growing up in the Church and praying with my family on Sundays.  So even though going to mass is also part of my lil’ family weekly routine, it is something I love doing and enjoy sharing with my son.
Laundry, oh, laundry…. How does a lil’ boy end up having so much clothes to wash, dry, and iron?  Oh…because his mommy is obsessed with dressing him up that’s why! 🙂  
Curriculum Night is coming up for me!  Ekkk!!! Excited to go through our mission and plan for the year with my students’ parents, but let’s hope my voice doesn’t crack like 9 million times!!! Why am I so nervous even though I have done this over and over again??! 
Ok… onto Criminals Minds, a show which I love to hate but can’t and can’t stop watching!  Before baby, my husband and I would watch this show religiously…..even though I would be afraid to look outside at night or go anywhere for a good day or two afterwards.  But IT’S JUST SO GOOD!!!  We haven’t been keeping up with it since we have been so busy, but by chance we caught the latest episode the last week, and now I’m hooked again.  Can’t wait for this week’s new episode while baking and eating some warm cookies (a fall favorite of mine)!
This weekend, my boys and I headed out to the Texas State Fair and I even tried Fried Butter….I know it sounds gross…but it was surprisingly GOOD!  We also got to meet the new Big Tex, (may the old one rest in peace) and had a great time seeing all the animals in the petting area and all the other attractions.  My legs are definitely sore from all the walking, but it was definitely worth it!
What are you up to this week?

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