Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed!

What a crazy week it has been for me!  Besides the fact that my home laptop kept crashing and all my files were wiped out…

What a crazy week it has been for me!  Besides the fact that my home laptop kept crashing and all my files were wiped out (thank goodness I had saved them all on my external hard drive before the crash), finishing up testing, and a long list of meetings and things to do including grocery shopping, and having an apple snack on Friday for my son at daycare, that I totally forgot about PJs Day for him! BIG mommy fail right there.. I knew I was going to forget something this week, and that just had to be it……but I did have an extra pair of khaki shorts in my car for him when he wetted himself while wearing his yellow and white stripped shirt.  What a relief  since the other pair of shorts in his cubby was red plaid and would have probably appeared like he dressed him up that morning…. hahah… So…..Wheewww… I did redeem myself there a bit. 🙂

Ok, enough about me and my problems. Now onto the man of the week…JOHNNY APPLESEED!

It was really a very productive and fun week in our class! Not only did we have all types of fun with apples, but it was also Johnny Appleseed’s birthday today!

Below are some highlights.

English/Language Arts/Reading: To start out the week, we made a noun orchard and the kids wrote an example of nouns on each apple on their tree.  They did so great!  I am so proud of them.

We also discussed the 5Ws on him and started on our flipbook.  The kids completed the this book as their Writing Center during our Daily 5 rotations.
Social Studies- After discussing the life of Johnny Appleseed, we sequenced his life in order to make a his timeline crown.  The kids looked adorable with them on, and they were so happy to celebrate Johnny’s birthday.
Special Thanks to MyCuteGraphics

Science- We explored the 3 states of matter with apples and then used our 5 senses to enjoy the apple and 100% apple juice! If you would like a copy of the foldable for your class, click to the image below.  If you cut along the border, it should fit perfectly inside the kids’ composition notebooks.

All in all, it was a lot of fun, and I hope my sweet kids have a lot of stories to tell their families on all our apple learning adventure this week.

Thank you for taking a peek at my week, and I hope I shared something that might be useful for your own classroom!

If you are also teaching about apples, here’s a resource that you may be interested in:

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